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100 Animals And Their Babies Names

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

100 Animals And Their Babies Names

If yesterday I just share a list of animals and their homes, right now I will share a list of animals and their babies names.

I make this animals babies list after a few people asking for what is a baby names for few animals via contact pages, they questions was like this :
What is a baby crocodile called?
A baby crocodile is called a hatch-ling.
What is a baby walrus called?
A baby walrus is called a calf.
What is a baby skunk called?
A baby skunk is called a Kit and a group of skunks is called a Surfeit.
What is a baby alligator called?
A baby alligators is called hatchlings, a male alligator is known as a bull and female alligator is called a cow.
Because some people also asking for same questions so I will answer them all with a list below where you can found 100 popular animals with their baby or young name and also the name for adult male and female animals sorting alphabetically from a to z.

Animals And Their Babies Names

100 Animals And Their Babies Names List

Animals Baby Names Male Names Female Names
Alligator hatchling bull cow
Aardvark cub boar sow
Ant larva, antling winged males, aner queens/workers
Ape Infant male ape female ape
Armadillo pup, baby boar sow
Badger cub, kit, kitten boar sow
Bat pup male bat female bat
Bear cub boar sow
Beaver kitten male male
Bee fry drone queen, worker
Beetle grub, mealworm male female
Bird chick, hatchling, squab cock hen
Bittern chick cock hen
Buffalo calf bull cow
Camel calf bull cow
Cat kitten, kit tom, gib molly, queen
Cattle calf bull cow
Cheetah cub male female
Chicken chick, pullet , cockrell rooster hen
Chimpanzee infant blackback empress
Cockroach larva, nymph male female
Coyote cub, pup, whelp dog bitch
Crane chick, craneling cock hen
Crocodile crocklets bull cow
Crow chick cock hen
Deer calf, fawn buck, stag, bull, hart doe, hind, cow
Dog whelp, pup, puppy dog, stud, sire bitch, dam
Dolphin calf, pup bull cow
Donkey colt, foal jack, jackass jennet, jenny
Dove squab, chick cock hen
Duck duckling drake duck, hen
Eagle eaglet, fledgling male female
Elephant calf bull cow
Ferret kit hob jill, gill
Fish fry, alevin male female
Fly maggot male female
Fox kit, cub, pup dog, todd, reynard vixen
Frog tadpole, polliwog, froglet male female
Gerbil pup buck doe
Giraffe calf bull cow
Goat goatling, kid billy, buck nanny
Gorilla Infant male female
Grasshopper male female
Grouse chick, cheeper cock, gorcock hen, gorhen
Guinea Pig pup buck doe
Hamster pup buck doe
Hare leveret buck, jack doe
Hawk eyas tiercel hen, haggard
Hippopotamus calf bull cow
Hornet larvae, pupae drone queen
Horse foal stallion,haras,stud mare, gillot
Hyena pup, cub dog bitch
Kangaroo joey buck, back, boomer jill, flyer, doe
Koala joey male female
Leopard cub leopard leopardess
Lion cub, lionet lion lioness
Llama cria macho hembra
Mole pup boar sow
Monkey infant male female
Moose calf bull cow
Mouse pup, pinkie, kitten buck doe
Nightingale chick cock hen
Ostrich hatchling, chick cock hen
Otter pup, whelp boar sow
Owl owlet male female
Panda cub boar sow
Parrot chick cock hen
Penguin chick male female
Pig piglet, shoat, farrow boar sow
Pigeon squab, squeaker cock hen
Polar Bear cub boar sow
Porcupine pup boar sow
Porpoise calf bull cow
Possum joey jack jill
Rabbit bunny, kit, kitten, leveret buck, jack doe, jill
Raccoon cub boar sow
Rat pup, pinkie, kitten buck doe
Raven chick cock hen
Rhinoceros calf bull cow
Rook chick cock hen
Sea Lion pup, beach weaner, calf bull cow
Shark pup bull female
Sheep lamb, lambkin, cosset ram, buck, tup ewe, hoger, gimmer
Snail spat, snailet hermaphrodite hermaphrodite
Snake snakelet male female
Sparrow chick cock hen
Spider spiderling male female
Squirrel pup, kitten buck doe
Swan cygnet, flapper cob pen
Termite larva male female
Tiger cub, whelp tiger tigress
Turtle hatchling male female
Viper snakelet male female
Wallaby joey jack jill
Whale calf, poggy bull cow
Wolf pup, whelp dog bitch
Wombat joey, cub jack jill
Woodpecker chick cock hen
Yak calf bull cow
Zebra colt, foal stallion mare

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