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Animals Names Starting With F

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Animals Names Starting With F

In the list of animals names starting with F letter below you can found 12 animals with they pictures and scientific names.

In this list there was one insectivorous animals and the name is frog and they also have one insect they was fly. Fly are insects of the order Diptera, there was a few fly species we know like crane fly, robber fly, bee fly, moth fly, and fruit fly.

Frog life is widespread, especially in the tropics sultry. Colder place, such as on a mountain or in an area that has four seasons, the number of frog species tend to be less and less. This is because frogs are cold-blooded animals, which takes heat from the environment to sustain life and maintain metabolism.

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List Of Animals Names Starting With F

Common Animal Names Scientific Name Animal Pictures
Falcon Falconidae Falco
Falcon Bird Animal Pictures
Ferret Mustela nigripes
Ferret Animal Pictures
Fin Whale Balaenoptera Physalus
Fin Whale Fish Animal Pictures
Finch Bird Fringillidae
Finch Bird Animal Pictures
Fish Chordata
Fish Animal Pictures
Flamingo Phoenicopterus
Flamingo Animal Pictures
Flounder Fish Paralichthys
Flounder Fish Animal Pictures
Fly Diptera
Fly Animal Pictures
Fossa Cryptoprocta ferox
Fossa Animal Pictures
Fox Cannis vulpes
Fox Animal Pictures
French Bulldog Canis lupus familiaries
French Bulldog Animal Pictures
Frog Anura ranidae
Frog Animal Pictures