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Freshwater Fish Names Starting With O

Friday, October 16, 2015

Freshwater Fish Names Starting With O

List of freshwater fish beginning with O
One of freshwater fish names starting with O that's I like in this list is Oscar fish, this fish is a kind of carnivorous fish and the most expensive oscar fish is a slayer oscar fish.

Another popular freshwater fish names that start with O letter is orange finned loach fish, this fish have orange tail and silver body.

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List Of Freshwater Fish Beginning With O Letter

Fish Names Scientific Name Fish Pictures
Ocellate River Stingray Fish Potomotrygon Motoro
Ocellate River Stingray Fish Pictures
Orange Finned Loach Fish Botia Modesta
Orange Finned Loach Fish Pictures
Oscar Fish Astronotus Ocellatus
Oscar Fish Pictures
Otocinclus Fish Otocinclus Vestitus
Otocinclus Fish Pictures

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