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Freshwater Fish Names Starting With L

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Freshwater Fish Names Starting With L

List of freshwater fish beginning with L
If you want to know what is the freshwater fish names starting with L letter, you're in the right pages because here you can see the list of freshwater fish names that start with L completed with the pictures and scientific names of the fish.

Under the table of this freshwater fish names you can also downloads the table in pdf format, just click the link and you would be directed to the pdf version of this table list.

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List Of Freshwater Fish Beginning With L Letter

Fish Names Scientific Name Fish Pictures
Largemouth Bass Fish Micropterus Salmoides
Largemouth Bass Fish Pictures
Lemon Tetra Fish Hyphessobrycon Pulchripinnis
Lemon Tetra Fish Pictures
Longfin Swordtail Fish Xiphophorus Hybrids
Longfin Swordtail Fish Pictures
Longnose Gar Fish Lepisosteus Osseus
Longnose Gar Fish Pictures

Downloads freshwater fish list starting with L in PDF format