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Freshwater Fish List Beginning With G

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Freshwater Fish List Beginning With G

List of freshwater fish beginning with G
In G letter I have found a few interesting freshwater fish like glass catfish, a small fish with transparent body like a glass, without using x-ray we can see this fish bones.

Another freshwater fish beginning with G letter which was give me more attentions is a guppy fish. guppy fish have some species with various color on they tail, their movements are very graceful and beautiful.

There are 8 freshwater fish names beginning with G in this list, if you want you can also downloads this list in pdf format, the link for download is on the bottom under the table.

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List Of Freshwater Fish Beginning With G

Fish Names Scientific Name Fish Pictures
Giant Danio Fish Cyprinidae
Giant Danio Fish Pictures
Gizzard Shad Fish Dorosoma Cepedianum
Gizzard Shad Fish Pictures
Glass Catfish Kryptopterus Bicirrhis
Glass Catfish Pictures
Glowlight Tetra Fish Hemigrammus Erythrozonus
Glowlight Tetra Fish Pictures
Goldfish Carassius Auratus Auratus
Goldfish Pictures
Grass Carp Fish Ctenyopharyngodon Idella
Grass Carp Fish Pictures
Green Sunfish Lepomis Cyanellus
Green Sunfish Pictures
Guppy Fish Poecilia Reticulata
Guppy Fish Pictures

Downloads freshwater fish list beginning with G in PDF format