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Herbivore Animals

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Herbivore Animals

Herbivorous Animals Pictures
Herbivorous animals are animals that eat only plants and do not eat meat. Humans are not herbivores. However, people who choose not to eat meat called vegetarian. In practice, many vegetarians eat eggs and occasionally eat other animal protein.

In terms of short, herbivorous animals are organisms that eat plants or proteins from plants (plant-eaters).

Herbivore word comes from two words, namely herbs and vora, herb derived from the Latin meaning vegetation and foliage and vora derived from the Latin is vorare which means to eat atu devoured.

Herbivores usually refers to animals that eat plants; fungi, bacteria and protists that feed on living plants are usually called Phytopathology (plant disease) and microbes that feed on dead plants are decomposing organisms (saprotroph).

Flowering plants that obtain nutrition from other living plants are usually called parasitic plants. But there is no ecological classification that has an exclusive single consumption patterns and definitive.